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For whom do we work?

Client profile

Syntagma Philosophical Consulting offers solutions and instruments useful in all professions and walks of life. In particular, our services – including coaching and mentoring – are beneficial for leaders whose roles involve juggling many responsibilities and require agility, continued development, creativity and lateral thinking, and deep insight into human relations, teamwork, and social impacts. Our clients often include those recently promoted into challenging new assignments and senior executives wishing to better integrate their professional and private lives and prioritise their pursuits. We especially welcome those seeking to discern the ultimate meaning of what they have accomplished in their careers and to live out their most deeply held values and generate the greatest possible impact through their professional life.

Geographical and cultural scope

Based in Warsaw, Syntagma Philosophical Consulting is uniquely qualified to offer services to international clients who are located in Poland on long- or short-term assignments, as well as to those starting other types of new endeavours here. We have decades of intercultural experience, and the rooting of our methodologies in the universal dynamics of human culture enhaces our capacities for transcultural engagement. We welcome clients who speak English, Spanish and Polish.