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How we do it

Each client, goal, and situation is unique. Accordingly, our approach is always customised to achieve the maximum developmental effect both for the individual client for his or her organisation.

Coaching and mentoring

  • It is our practice to start each engagement with a thorough introduction and orientation for the sake of identifying the most relevant and effective methods, style of collaboration, and frequency and length of sessions. In order to maximise positive outcomes and ensure accountability for ourselves we avoid open-ended contracts and instead recommend fixed-term and goal-oriented agreements.
  • In our experience, face-to-face coaching and mentoring sessions have significant advantages. We offer such in-person sessions to clients located in and around Warsaw, Poland, the site of our main office. However, long-distance interaction is also highly effective in many cases, and we employ a range of online platforms, including video conferences, phone calls, or email correspondence, according to our clients’ preferences.


  • We offer contracts based on hourly rates or monthly fees or per work product (e.g., in the case of preparing an organisation’s code of ethics). We work flexibly with the client to determine which, if any, aspects of the consulting work should be conducted on site for the client organisation.

In all aspects of our services and at every stage of their delivery we abide by strict confidentiality and transparency. Syntagma Philosophical Consulting operates in full compliance with the EMCC&AC Global Code of Ethics and Diversity Policy.